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How To Stay Focused Throughout Life

How do you stay focused?

Coming up with an answer to this question is one of the most important things you’ll do in your lifetime. You should make it a priority to learn how to take back focus in your life. To get clarity what your focus really is and to finally tell yourself:

“Hey, if I don’t get my focus in check I’ll keep wandering around in life distracted. If I keep looking at everything that pops up. Listening to peoples complaints. Saying YES to everything and keep doing whatever anyone tells me to do. At some point, I’ll lose myself and lose my life.” Continue reading...


content marketing

There’s a lot of hype around content marketing these days. The problem is that most marketers and entrepreneurs fail to get it working for their businesses. So today I want to give you 4 reasons why your content marketing isn’t working, and what to do about it.

Let’s go!

1) You’re probably not doing content marketing

The first thing you might fail to realize is that you’re not doing content marketing. You’re just writing a bunch of content. And writing content is only one part of the formula. Continue reading...


Freemium is one of the most difficult business models you can pick. It’s not easy. But when you get it right it’s one of the best.

So, how do you get it to work? Well, that’s what we’re going to figure out right now so keep reading!

A lot of business owners today are doing freemium only because others are doing it. But what they never realize is that for freemium to work, you’ll need a specific product and audience. If you’re lacking in those areas, chances are your freemium business model isn’t going to work out. Continue reading...


How To Win Over Procrastination

procrastinating procrastinationDo you often postpone work? Making excuses to get out of the simplest duties?

We’re all guilty of it from time to time. But if you start doing it too often and never deal with the underlying issue you’re going to develop a bad habit.

The habit of procrastination.   

Here’s the interesting thing though, procrastination has nothing to do with work.

To some of the busiest people in the world like engineers, entrepreneurs, Ph.D. students. People who have a lot on their plate, are analytical and organized by nature, procrastination is a form of stress relief.
Continue reading...

growth ladder mapping

Mapping out your Growth Ladder system is crucial for success.

What if you could build your own personal ATM where you would insert $1 and get $2 out the other end? How many times would you insert $1?

All the time right!

My goal is that by the end of this article you’ll understand what it takes to build your own “personal ATM” for your business, and how to use the concept of Growth Ladders, to consistently generate leads and sales on demand.

So what makes this different from all the other content out there on how to sell more online? Who am I by the way? Continue reading...


If you’re working as a marketer or own a website, you can’t survive without SEO tools.

Why? Because the success of your website depends on the rankings you have on search engines. The higher your website rank, the more business you have.

To achieve higher rankings, you need SEO and the tools required to do the necessary work. SEO, in fact, is the mandatory process for the success of online marketing. Continue reading...


New site under construction!

I’m currently switching my site over to a new hosting provider and with that i’m also setting it up to run on WordPress. The site will be up and running soon!


Karl Jesper